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“Johnny Reed Is a Rock Anomaly During Which There Is No Eye To Follow "   
-T.D. Schemansky - 3000 Records - USA

"Johnny reminds me of so many people, but also unique... definitely quite enigmatic!"
- Stuart Cheese - One Night Stand Studios - UK


"Magic timeless Rock... In just two minutes, Johnny Reed contains in a single song what the vast majority of world-famous artists would not get to glimpse in two centuries..."
- Rock Gardener - ROOTED SOUNDS - SPAIN

Johnny Rocks with Emotion


 Johnny’s releases are "Solo albums in their purest form”.  On all Seven albums Johnny's doing everything, Writing,  Vocals, Guitars & Drums.
Johnny channels the emotions of classic rock greats like Pink Floyd, The Stones, The Beatles,  Queen, Crosby Stills & Nash and all with the philosophic consciousness of Bob Dylan.

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Johnny's in the Studio now working on his New album "7 Alternate Reality" for 2019 release.  We'll keep you on the inside track for the release date  & special promotions on the way!