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April 15, 2020    Johnny Reed SPECIAL with MEXICO's Premiere Host Martin Baraquiel Cruz on Wednesday APRIL 15 @ 6pm PST/ 8pm CST on RADIO INTERDUAL in Monterrey MEXICO 🎧 TUNE IN LINK:


October 16, 2019 -  UK Feature Special - Midas Touch Radio 

Radio Special Feature on Johnny Reed and the new album ALTERNATE REALITY 7.   This will include interviews by Host  TEZ on the TEZ MESS SHOW on 💥UK Midas Touch Radio💥.  Stations Link: 

October 11, 2019

Johnny Reed's "KNOW YOUR SOUL" is featured for the month of OCTOBER on in 💥Kentucky, USA💥 on the SAMCAST NETWORK with Host Samuel Lewis commenting:   LISTEN TO THE "MMM" MONTHLY MUSIC MIXUP: 

October 10, 2019 -   💥SWEDEN💥 The  interview with Johnny Reed on his New Album " Alternate Reality 7 " by Swedish music journalist Robex Lundgren:   Read the Full Interview:  

October 7, 2019

UK FULL ALBUM RADIO SPECIAL Johnny Reed and the new album ALTERNATE REALITY 7, with Interviews by DJ HOST Jay Adkins on 💥South Birmingham Radio, UK💥. 

October 5, 2019 - USA DEBUT -  DR. Rock & The Medicine Show - 💥Nebraska, USA/ Tokyo, JAPAN💥

MUSIC MARATHON  Radio Special Feature on Johnny Reed about the new album ALTERNATE REALITY 7. PLAYING ALL 7 ALBUMS  including  interview & back story on the recording of the album and insights into the songs themselves.  This Station is broadcast to Local Tokyo, JAPAN FM Stations & worldwide Internet.  Station Link:   

October 1, 2019

ALTERNATE REALITY 7  featured in Mexico on RADIO INTERDUAL site , 💥Monterrey, Mexico💥 Host  Martin Baraquiel Cruz  :

💥September 29 to October 5 - UK DEBUT on the N.U.A. Show (New Unsigned Artists) 💥London, England💥

Week Long Radio Special Feature on Johnny Reed about the new album ALTERNATE REALITY 7.   This included interview by Host Jay Adkins, with Johnny's back stories on the recording of the album and insights into the songs.

This Show is syndicated to over 40 terrestrial and internets stations.  ARCHIVE LINK: 

September 13, 2019 - NEW ALBUM RELEASE - "Alternate Reality 7" by Johnny Reed.  

SPOTIFY to feature on NEW MUSIC FRIDAY Curator Playlists.  International RADIO SPECIAL FEATURES to be announced shortly.

August 18, 2019

In Studio  for final recording sessions for the next 7 days, 

July 17, 2019 - Johnny Special SPOTIFY New Album Preview for subscribed FAN Base:

May 21 , 2019 -  Johnny Reed  invited to play at  the ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL in England. Performance Dates/Time: (2) set approximately 45 mins in length dates: (14th June 2019 (5pm---5:45pm) & (16th June 2019 .Time: 6pm---6:45pm) Contact: Ms Bety Hans 

April 4, 2019  -  Johnny Reed # 1 on NM1 CHARTS with "BREAK THE ICE"


March 8, 2019  -  “Everyone’s on Medication” was selected for Reverbnation’s "Trending Rock Music" Playlist with Facebook, Instagram & Spotify News feeds.  PLAYLIST LINK:

Direct Link to the song::

February 4, 2019  UK Radio Station ATLAS RADIO commissioned Johnny to do a theme for the Jay Hasard VS the People CHALLENGE SHOW airing Mondays 11am-1pm GMT⌚️or 3am–5am PST  L.A. Time   CHECK IT OUT! 😎 

December 17-28 - PORTUGAL  Johnny was  on the  Christmas  Special  in Portugal on MISTURA DIGITAL with Host Jorge Medeiros.
Listen to Archive here:

December 12-23 - ENGLAND -  the song "FANTASY WORLD" LIVE with DJ  Jay Adkins on the NUA SHOW on ​South Birmingham Radio .  Archive Listen Link: 

November 12, 2018 - South Birmingham Radio UK Featured "Frequency & Fortress of One" as a mini-feature with  Host DJ Jay Adkins. Link:

September 15, 2018 - UK RADIO - The N.U.A Show commissioned Johnny Reed to create the theme song for the the new Radio Show: "PLAY IT FORWARD"

August 8, 2018 - SPAIN RAVE REVIEW- ROOTED SOUNDS Music Blog of SPAIN, Reviewed the album FORTRESS OF ONE and the song 'Frequency'. "In just two minutes, Johnny Reed contains in a single song what the vast majority of world-famous artists would not get to glimpse in two centuries..." - Rock Gardener
Read the full review:

June 30, 2018MEXICO DEBUT RADIO SPECIAL playing the complete album
and interviews on INTERDUAL RADIO broadcasting from Monterrey, MEXICO with Host Martin Baraquiel Cruz.  Archive Listen Link:

June 7, 2018 JUNE Featured Artiston theBROADPALS MUSIC CHANNEL
featuring the single "WOW"  from the album FORTRESS OF ONE, with DJ Host Kolade Olamide. Archive Listen ink:

June 1, 2018  Featured JUNE Artist on TSCN.TV on the SAMCAST Network  with the song "Anything at All"  with DJ Host Samuel Lewis. Archive Listen Link:

MAY 25, 2018  -  UK SHOWCASE RADIO SPECIAL - Full album with interviews and insights in the albums journey with Host DJ TEZ on the INDIE EXPLOSION SHOW.  Archive Listen LINK:

MAY 10, 2018  - featuring the song "FANTASY WORLD" in  The Netherlands on  STARLINGERS FM Radio.

May 3, 2018 -  INDIE SPOTLIGHT on WPEX 90.0 FM, 1630 AM  playing "FORTRESS OF ONE", "EVERYONE'S ON MEDICATION" & "WOW" with Johnny introducing each track.  HOST TEZ on the TEZ MESS SHOW. Archive Listen Link:

May 2, 2018 -  LONDON ENGLAND - SHOWCASE RADIO INDIE ARTIST SPECIAL  with interview clips with Johnny Reed.  Archive Listen Link:

April 26, 2018 - ROCK THE PLANK on Pirate Radio of the Treasure Coast = PA. USA

April 16, 2018 -  Debut Special in PORTUGAL on "Mistura Digital Show" w/ Host Jorge Medeiros.  Archive Listen Link:

April 9,2018 - ITALY - PRESS:  "Johnny is Erupting in Italy"  Ricky Raimondo - California Dreaming
Archive Link: Itunes:

March 22, 2018 -  Johnny on LIVE at the Rock n' Roll Ranch  -  PA, USA -  with DJ Pieter Holland

March 20, 2018  -  The songs "DNA" & "Anything At All" Featured on Field of Nightmares Radio - IOWA

March 14, 2018  - The song "Anything at All" & Featured Artist in JAMMERZINE Magazine & Radio for
March. Link

March 11, 2018 -  DEBUT The Netherlands"Fortress of One" featured on RADIO SEAGULL -  DJ Stevie Gordon.

March 10, 2018 - 1 hour WMPG  FM 90.9 - Maine, USA 1 hour Radio Specialwith host Jim Ward

Archive LINK: 

February 18-24, 2018  1 hour UK RADIO DEBUT SPECIAL of "FORTRESS OF ONE" album on The Masterpieces Show with Host Jay Adkins  tune-in Link:

February 2018  Johnny interviewed as FEATURED ARTIST of the MONTHon BROADPALS MUSIC
​Interview Link:

February 10, 2018  RADIO SPECIALDr. Rock & Medicine ShowJohnny Reed MUSIC MARATHON debuting FORTRESS OF ONE & playing all 6 Johnny Reed albums A - Z.


​January 15, 2018  #2 on  IT MATTERS RADIO  Los Angeles USA

January 7, 2018 Hollywood2You.TV January  INDIE ARTIST SPOTLIGHT - Johnny Reed

January 3, 2018   New album teaser on UK Radio ICR 105.7Fm DJ Steve HIcks.   Archive LISTEN LINK

December 26, 2017:  1 Hour  DEBUT Special in CANADA of "FORTRESS OF ONE"  RADIO ARCADIA

December 25, 2017:  1 Hour  DEBUT Special in CANADA of "FORTRESS OF ONE"  RADIO ARCADIA

December 24, 2017: 1 Hour  DEBUT Special in CANADA of "FORTRESS OF ONE"  RADIO ARCADIA
​archive listening link: 

November 7, 2017 Johnny releases his 6th albumFORTRESS OF ONE.  "They're saying it's like a Rockin' PINK FLOYD concept album." Available EVERYWHERE.

September 11, 2016  911 Vigil at the Empty Chair Memorial - Johnny performed his song "AN EMPTY CHAIR" for the emotional event.   Hear the song on SoundCloud:

August 10, 2016Johnny has a 4 Hour Radio Special on "Let's Talk About The Music RADIO" with host Shels Honey.  Playing all (5) Johnny Reed albums and excerpts from his voice as "KING KONG" for Peter Jackson & Universal Pictures. A Total Creative creature feature..

June 4, 2016N.U.A. RADIO (New Unsigned Artist) Show #22 playing Johnny Reed as SPECIAL FEATURED ARTIST playing (5) songs from the album "THIRD TIME'S A CHARM".

Listen to Archive Show #22:


May 28, 2016 Johnny Reed performed his song "An Empty Chair" at the 2016 Empty Chair Memorial Program on Saturday May 28th 11am, The song is a tribute to Servicemen & Women, and fallen Heroes.  Address: EMPTY CHAIR 124 Sapphire Street, Redondo Beach, CA USA.

April 11, 2016 Start of ongoing Johnny Reed  "UK RADIO SPECIAL" on SOUTHWAVES RADIO on the @BREAKFAST SHOW with DJ Jaime Dyer,  Tune in LINK:

March 22, 2016 Johnny Reed 1 hour "CANADIAN RADIO SPECIAL # 2" on RADIO ARCADIA on the Eclectica Show with DJ Kiefer
featuring LIVE interviews with Johnny Reed and the music from the album "THIRD TIME'S A CHARM".
Show #2 Tuesday March 22nd 11am PST,  *shows will re-broadcast Saturdays March 26 at 8pm PST. Tune in LINK:

March 15, 2016  Johnny Reed 1 hour "CANADIAN RADIO SPECIAL # 1 " on RADIO ARCADIA on the Eclectica Show with DJ Kiefer
featuring LIVE interviews with Johnny Reed and the music from the album "THIRD TIME'S A CHARM".
Show #1 Tuesday March 15th 11am PST.  *shows will re-broadcast Saturdays March 19th PST.  
Tune in LINK:

February 15, 2016 Johnny Reed's song "PERCEPTIONS"  Hits # 1 on

January 19, 2016 Johnny Reed featured on the "BEST OF 2015 RADIO" on MUSIC GURU RADIO #BestOf2015  -  PA, USA.


​January 4, 2016 Johnny Reed is the Featured Spotlight Artist for 3000 Records, featured on Facebook, Myspace and Music sites across the net.

December 1, 2016  Johnny Reed's song "THIS TO THAT" released as single onPROMOTER BOX vol. 15 and distributed worldwide.

November 1, 2015  NEW CD RELEASE: "THIRD TIME'S A CHARM". Full length album, 10 Rock story songs.  It's Johnny's 3rd POP/ROCK album, and this 5th CD overall.  The first two CD's were released under the group name RAWK DAWG andJohnny as the frontman using the alias "Jo Island". 

October 15, 2015  Johnny Reed featured on with his song "The Natives are Restless"

July 5-11, 2015 - RAWK DAWG aka Johnny Reed featured on NEW UNSIGNED ARTIST Radio Show in UKwith Host Jay Adkins TUNE IN-ROCK OUT

July 10, 2015 The GRAND PREMIERE of "This Needs To Be Said TV" (TNTBS TV)The first episode, The July 2015 Independent Artist Showcase features Johnny Reed's "THE MESSAGE" Music Video. BIG Thanks to the HOST with the MOST... Katherine Waddell.
TNTBS TV Independent Artist Showcase LINK:

May 26, 2015 Johnny Reed playing onMusic Guru Radio with @kennyloggins ‪ ‪#‎LindaRonstadt‬  ‪ #‎GrandFunk‬‪   #‎CatStevens‬  -GURU DJ Host Dave Schwartz.

April 10, 2015 LIVE INTERVIEW with Johnny Reed on KXUA 88.3FM on FRIDAY April 10th on the "Two Guys Talking Show" with Host DJ's Alex & Ryan". 12 Noon PST / 2PM CST.  Talking to California movie associate and musician Johnny Reed this week  about Johnny the Voice of "King Kong"  with director Peter Jackson and his work on "Titanic" with director James Cameron! Podcast available to stream or download here:
Station Link:

March 23, 2015 Johnny Reed Hits  #3 on KSLU St. Louis, MO

March 18, 2015  LIVE Interview with Johnny Reed by Host Mark Grossman on his " Eclectic Journey Show" WLFR 91.7 New Jersey  Station Link:

March 1, 2015  Johnny Hits #1 on the CHARTS on M3 RADIO Brooklyn, NEW YORK.
Station Link:

February 15, 2015  Johnny Hits #1 on the CHARTS on WERU  RADIO 89.9FM & 99.9FM, Maine. Station Link:

February 6, 2015 LIVE Interview  Johnny Reed with host Dennis Howard on his "Morning Maine" show on WERU 89.9FM & 99.9FM, Maine.

February 2, 2015 Johnny Reed - FEATURED ARTIST OF THE WEEK, February 2-6 on WERU Maine.

Feature Link:

December 15, 2014
MUSIC VIDEO RELEASED "THE MESSAGE" by Johnny Reed from the album "ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show". This is the first Music Video from the album and it was directed, shot & edited by Johnny Reed. Johnny is a DIY (Do it Yourself) Artist and plays all the instruments on this song and on all the songs on ALL his albums, and now he's expressing himself in Video."CLICK HERE TO VIEW "THE MESSAGE"

January 5, 2015
PRESS CAMPAIGN  started with MIA MIND MUSIC PROMOTION for international  promotion of "ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show" CD. This PRESS CAMPAIGN will run in addition to the RADIO PROMOTION CAMPAIGN running now in Canada & the USA. Stevie B. of MIA MIND in New York is a promoter that has works with major acts including Madonna.

December 22, 2014
International Radio Promotion campaign with MIA MIND MUSIC of New York for on 400+ Radio Stations. The promotional campaign focus is across the USA and CANADA.

December 14, 2014
57th Grammy Awards for 2014, Johnny Reed is entered with his new CD ACT2: The Johnny Reed Show.
Category 2 Album of the Year: “ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show”
Category 3 Song of the Year: “The Message”
Category 8 Best Pop Vocal Album: “ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show”
Category 14 Best Rock Song: “The Message"
Category 15 Best Rock Album: “ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show”
Category 46 Best American Roots Song: “The Natives are Restless”

December 5, 2014
RADIO Featured Interview "First Friday Artist Showcase" host Katherine Waddell show on "This Needs to Be Said" (TNTBS) Radio features upcoming emerging artists. The LIVE interview features Johnny Reed's song "Such a Beautiful Bird" and draws out the story behind the emotional song, and the upcoming 2015 CD in the works now.
Internet Tune in link:

November 26, 2014
2 HOUR RADIO SPECIAL FEATURE in the UK- 2 hour special on Longside Radio,LONDON, England U.K. with Live interview with Johnny Reed. Host Jay Adkins will feature "The Music of Johnny Reed" with music from "Act 2: The Johnny Reed Show" [2014], "The Johnny Reed Show"[2013] in their entirety, with intervews, insights into the songs and how Johnny makes music. Jay Adkins will also play some cuts from Johnny's RAWK DAWG projects "We Only Came to Rock" and "Rock With An Attitude".
Youtube01.JPG Listen to the Archive on YouTube:
"CLICK HERE to hear PART 1 of "The Johnny Reed Special" on Jay Adkins "NUA Show"
"CLICK HERE to hear PART 2 of "The Johnny Reed Special" on Jay Adkins "NUA Show"

November 12, 2014
LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW "ON THE AIR WITH SIR" by host Sir Anthony Spease. USA/ Philadelphia, on Tuesday,November 12, 2014 at 8:00pm EST. Sir featuring "The Message" & "About You" from the new CD along with the interview with Johnny. Sir hosted: Countdown, The Center, 106 & Park, 100.3 The Beat in Philly. Owner of Exposure Nation, Sircuit & The Youngest In Charge.

CLICK HERE to hear it on YouTube

October 17, 2014
1 HOUR RADIO SPECIAL FEATURE in CANADA- This 1 Hour SPECIAL with host DJ Kiefer on his radio program "Kiefer's Kafe" RADIO ARCADIA, Toronto, Canada on Tuesday, Octorber 21, 2014 at 5:00pm EST. DJ Kiefer is featuring Johnny Reed for a one hour special program, playing Johnny Reed's new CD "ACT 2 - The Johnny Reed Show" with song intros by Johnny giving insights and the inspriations for his newest release "ACT 2: The Johnny Reed Show". The one hour special will be re-broadcast Friday October 24th 5PM EST and Saturday October 25th 8PM EST Tune in LINK:

September 25, 2014
Johnny Reed on The Netherlands Radio Sept 25, 2014 - The SoupyGato Show with DJ Host Daniel J Harris. Daniel features two of Johnny's Songs from "ACT 2: THE JOHNNY REED SHOW" CD, "The Message" and "The Universe". Daniel talks about Johnny " One of the hardest working man in Show Business".

CLICK HERE to hear it on the YOUTUBE

August 17, 2014
"ACT 2 The Johnny Reed Show" released 8/17/2014.
On this follow-up CD, Johnny paints with a full musical pallet of colors from Rock to Pop and beyond.
10 tracks + 2 bonus track including the unplugged version of "ABOUT YOU" &
Johnny's Fun Drums (which he used for a pick me up during listening sessions)
Digital Distribution available through iTunes and other outlets.

JUNE 16, 2014
PROGRESS report on the follow up CD "ACT 2 The Johnny Reed Show"
Johnny Reed continues his free flowing creative Pop Rock music style with more Energy, more Edge and Emotion.  Johnny's in the studio this week working on "THE MESSAGE".
It's a song about someone in everyone's life that just doesn't seem to get it... "THE MESSAGE" that is.
NEXT track... "The ESCape Song".... MUSIC ROOM STUDIOS ® Redondo Beach, CA

March 7, 2014
PRESS RELEASE - 3000 RECORDS  “The Johnny Reed Show” CD Is A Rock Anomaly, During Which There Is No Eye To Follow.... - T.D. Schemansky - 3000 Records (586) 480-3000

March 7, 2014
LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW on "Talk-First Friday Artist Showcase"- with host Katherine Waddell on Friday, March 7, 2014 at 11:30pm PST. Katherine is exposing the world to new artists of merit on her internet based program. Katherine will be interviewing Johnny Reed about his current CD and the upcoming "ACT 2 - The Johnny Reed Show" on her BLOGTALKRADIO series.
Internet Tune in link:

March 3, 2014
1 Hour LIVE RADIO INTERVIEW on Got Controversy Radio FM 69 with host Cason Bolton, Monday, March 3, 2014 at 4:00pm PST. Cason deals with a variety of issues and introduces emerging talent. This interview with Johnny Reed will kick off his new BLOGTALKRADIO series.
CLICK HERE to hear the interview on YOUTUBE

JANUARY 28, 2014
RADIO FEATURE on RADIO ARCADIA in Toronto, Canada on "The Johnny Reed Show" CD from January 28th, 2014 through February. "DJ Ken Fryer" hosts "THE NEW INDIE SHOW" and is running an Interview with Johnny twice daily on "RADIOARCADIA" at 10AM & 7PM EST (7PM & 4PM Los Angeles time). Ken is also playing all the tracks from Johnny's RAWK DAWG CD "We Only Came to ROCK!" .
TUNE in to catch it at:
to request a particular song use this request link:

NOVEMBER 24, 2013
RADIO FEATURE on "OFF THE CHART RADIO" UK  with host "DJ Jay Adkins"
SUNDAY November 24, 2013 7PM in the UK (GMT) Which is 11:30am Sunday Los Angeles time (PST).
Jay will be spinning the whole CD with comments and insights including a segment of Johnny telling
his story of his recording this album, his previous 2, how he started recording... and what Beatles
road manager Mal Evans told Johnny... Yeah Baby Yeah!  OFF THE CHARTS plays hit music from all decades and genres, with no enforced playlist.

CLICK HERE to hear a 10 minute version of the interview on YOUTUBE

OCTOBER 26, 2013
KZUM 89.3 FM RADIO FEATURE SATURDAY "MIDNIGHT SPECIAL"  "Dr. Rock & the Medicine Show" does a Full Album Feature on "The Johnny Reed Show" on KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln, Nebraska. The Feature airs at "Midnight PST on Saturday, Oct 26th/ 2AM Sunday, Oct 27th CST, immediately following a triple dose of "The Beatles", so tune in Early! Station Call in: (402) 474-5086 Ext #1
CLICK HERE to hear an edited 6 minute version of the interview on YOUTUBE

OCTOBER 18, 2013
RADIO FEATURE on "The Johnny Reed Show" CD on JAM CITY AMERICA Radio hosted by the DJ - "Dr. Rock" - Friday, October 18th 10am Central time / 8am Pacific. The Doc will be playing the full CD with some song insignts from Johnny Reed. Station Call in # (620) 717-4119
Here's the TUNE IN LINK:

January 26, 2014
56h GRAMMY AWARDS at the Staples Center in Los Angeles The Johnny Reed Show CD entered for Grammy Consideration:
Category 3 Song Of The Year - "Impossible Love"
Category 68 Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical - John E. Reed
Category 2 Album Of The Year - “THE JOHNNY REED SHOW”
Category 4 Best New Artist – Johnny Reed
Category 5 Best Pop Solo Performance - TRACK - "Impossible Love"
Category 8 Best Pop Vocal Album - “THE JOHNNY REED SHOW”

March 20, 2013
"The Johnny Reed Show" CD RELEASE Date 3/20/2013: (the Vernal Equinox)

Johnny goes 180 degrees from Hard Rock group RAWK DAWG with alias of Jo Island to performing as Johnny Reed in his new POP ROCK MUSIC.

January 1, 2012
The Recording project begins for "The Johnny Reed Show" in THE MUSIC ROOM Studio in Redondo Beach, CA USA

​May 2011

Johnny Reed is the Producer & Editor of the feature documentary "Journey into my Faith" directed by Georges N. Chamchoum, re-tracing the biblical travels among the "7" churches in Turkey.


April, 2010
Johnny is the Producer of "Children of War" documentary directed by Georges N. Chamchoum. ABC special featuring the footage receives EMMY award.

​April, 2009

Johnny is the Producer of the Music Video for Hoda Saad financed by Shiek Salah Al-Hejailan of Saudi Arabia.

July 7, 2007

Johnny marries Jessie Sanchez... the 3rd and last wife (she told him)

January 2006

Johnny retained the copyrights and releases ringtones called KONG TONES using the sounds approved by Peter Jackson for KING KONG and the DINOSAURS. the ringtones are available on US CELLULAR and other major carriers. 

LIsten Link for KONG TONES:

December 2005

Johnny creates the voice of KING KONG for Peter Jackson & Universal Pictures to be used in all merchandising as well as the V-Rexs, Brontosaurs, Raptors, Mutant Bugs & even the screams of Anne Darrow.  PRESS RELEASE:

January 2004

Johnny Records 2nd album as RAWK DAWG "We Only Came to Rock" again playing everything, Guitars, Drums & Bass & Singing on this follow up CD.  Johnny is invited to play at BB KINGS club in Universal Studios.

January 2002

Johnny Records 1st album as RAWK DAWG "Rock With An Attitude" playing everything, Guitars, Drums & Bass & Singing. The song "LOST IN THE NIGHT" Hits #1 2003 Spring HEAVY ROTATION on College 500.